Pine Ridge Park Guidelines
Hardin County Conservation Board
  1. 14-day camping limit.
  2. Tent wishing to have electricity, will be charged the same as a camper.
  3. Tents are charged individually – NO group rates with no more than 3 tents on a site.
  4. NO reserve sites.
  5. Campsites are to be kept clean and neat.
  6. Doormats on grass should be taken up after 4 days so the grass is not killed out.
  7. Dumpsters are provided so no garbage or cans are to be burned in fire rings.
  8. NO keg beer is allowed in any Hardin County Park.
  9. Only one camper per receptacle allowed.
  10. No extension cords.
  11. Camp fires are only allowed in the stationary fire rings provided.
  12. Park is closed at 10:30 PM except to overnight campers.
  13. Park is to be quiet from 10:30 PM to 6:00 AM.
  14. One Tent free of charge will be allowed with an R.V. as long as occupants are 16 years old or younger.
  15. Dogs ON Leash Park Regulations: (Chapter 461A.45) will be strictly enforced with NO exceptions.
  16. Noise Regulations (Section I (N) (Section 9)) will be strictly enforced.
  17. Possession of Beer Regulations (Section 21) will be strictly enforced.
  19. All other Park Regulations adopted by the Hardin County Conservation Board may be strictly enforced if necessary.